Brakes – get them checked for FREE!

There are 3 main elements to your brakes; disks, pads and cylinders.

When you press down on your brake pedal the pads grip the discs and bring your car to a halt, and it’s normally the pads that wear out first.

So, the moment you suspect your brakes are noisy (typically it’s a grinding sound) get them checked. Paying attention to this is vital because if your pads wear down to minimum levels, and damage your disks, you can end up substantially increasing your repair bill by having to replace the disks as well.

Brake cylinders are part of the brake fluid system and help apply the pressure from the brake pedal through to the pads and disks.Identifying a problem can often be done visually by checking for fluid leakage or a spongy feel to the brake pedal.

C&R’s 27 point visual health check is FREE and will check the condition of the brake fluid, the cylinder, pipes, pads, disks, shoes, callipers and the handbrake cables.