Exhausts and spare parts

If you've got an exhaust problem, we can help.

We’ll happily check it for you and supply whatever you need, whether it’s simply a bracket, a part or a complete system………….and if it’s possible to weld it and save you money………we’ll do that as well.

Exhausts and your CAT (Catalytic converter)

Your car Exhaust system and the Catalytic converter help control the emissions from your car, whether petrol or diesel – help ensure they’re ‘cleaner’ than ever before – keep your car within the relevant European rules and regulations and of course help it pass it’s MoT Test.

These emission standardsare designed to help our environment by ensuring that carbon monoxide, diesel particulates and Nitrogen oxides are consistently reduced over time.

What if I have a problem with my exhaust – do I need to replace the whole thing?

Normally you won’t have to.

That’s because your exhaust normally comes in 3 sections, and it’s rare to have to replace an entire exhaust system.

Typically, it’s the end part of the exhaust, the silencer – that normally goes wrong first, as it generally remains colder than the rest of the system which over time allows condensation of exhaust gas and corrosive acid to build up within the system.

There are normally three main issues with Exhaust systems.

One.They can come loose – which is normally easily fixed.

Two. Heat shields work loose which tend to cause a rattling noise.

Three.The exhaust can simply corrode and become far noisier– this is normally the centre section or silencer box (the bit you see at the back of the exhaust).

If you think you’ve got a problem, simply give us a call and bring your car in. It’s a FREE check where we raise your car on a ramp and can normally highlight and quickly identify the root cause of the problem.