Cars are a little like our bodies. They need caring for in different ways depending on their age, condition and how they’ve been looked after through their life.

That’s why manufacturers specify particular checks based around the age and mileage of the vehicle because logically a high mileage or older vehicle is likely to have far more wear and tear, and more replacement parts.

In our experience, cars normally need 3 types of service.

An oil and filter change, an interim servicewhich is normally an oil and filter change, lubrication of door hinges a general visual check over to identify any minor issues to help prevent them becoming major problems, and a full servicewhich is far more in depth, includes removal of wheels, measuring brake disks and many more things, and is normally based on the mileage of your vehicle.

Typically, the service you have will normally alternate on a yearly basis, normally based on the mileage your vehicle has travelled.

You can also combine any of your services with an MoT to save more money .

Typical prices are

  • Oil and filter change – £70
  • Interim service (normally every 6 months)from £109This type of service typically happens every 6 months and is normally offered as an oil and filter change with a range of checks to identify minor issues and to hopefully prevent them becoming major problems.
  • Full service (normally every 12 months)from £180

A more comprehensive service which normally happens every 12 months or so and typically includes an air and oil filter, oil change, spark plugs etc.

All our services are carried out according to ‘Autodata’ the industry standard, which typically meets manufacturer service specifications.


Oil change& MoT – from £70 + £27

MoT – a regular 6 month check

Full service & MoT – from £180 + £27

Oil and filter change.

Depending on the age of your car, it will run on either standard, semi or fully synthetic oil, but regardless, it’s important to understand that oil is the lifeblood of an engine, so making sure it is clean and fresh will help keep your engine running smoothly and trouble free.

Remember that although modern cars go longer between servicing, this places even more demands on your oil – so planned, regular, oil and filter changes are a sensible option, and will help reduce engine wear and pollution.

Do all oil changes cost the same?

Sorry,No. Synthetic engine oil costs us more and is charged accordingly………..but it’s normally no more than £20 extra.

Want a Cheaper Oil change or service?

Join our car club. It’s crammed full of brilliant offers which will save you money on a host of things from tyres to servicing and yes…..oil changes!


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How to make sure your car doesn’t let you down.

Modern cars don’t require as much maintenance as older cars, but they still need looking after.

And it makes perfect sense to take a look under the bonnet, understand how to monitor your fluid and oil levels, read the manual and check you’ve got the basic tools (for things like wheel removal – such as a locking wheel nut tool, wheel brace and jack).

Many of us simply assume that because the car runs, all is well.

But the thing to bear in mind is that while your car might have lots of technology, it still needs you to do your bit……….

In fact, the amount of technology can often be part of the problem.

Did you know for example that the average car has more computer coding within it than a typical fighter plane?

And despite being incredibly high tech’, it can’t do the basic things such as change its own oil, check the antifreeze or see how safe the tyres are.

Yet carrying out these basic checks can be the difference between a car that consistently goes wrong and one that rarely lets you down.

The fact is that Oil, clutch and brake fluids tend to break down over time, or become contaminated – so it’s common sense to have them replaced at regular intervals – and doing so should help prolong the life of your vehicle and its major working parts.

That’s why it’s useful to give your car ayearly once over with something like a mini service where you change the oil, filter and run through a series of checks to help highlight any issues and help prevent minor issues becoming major problems.

At C&R we also offer a FREE vehicle health check where we look at 29 different things such as brakes, tyres, fluids, suspension etc. to help identify minor issues and hopefully stop them becoming major issues.

Or, you can invest in a full or major service where we’ll give the car a thorough check as well as replacing things like spark plugs, wipers and so on.

Of course,if you prefer not to do it yourself, you can give C&R a call, knowing you’ll be in good hands.

Our technicians work with a range of makes from Audi to Vauxhall and almost everything in between, so we’ve normally got a pretty good idea of what the problem might be. And if the problem is more complex we’ll use the latest vehicle diagnostic tools to see what your cars computer thinks the problem might be.

Perhaps most importantly we’ve a great reputation for really looking after our customers and doing our very best to deliveran enjoyableexperience each and every time.

And what’s more, all this comes at really competitive prices – normally at least 40% cheaper than main dealers, particularly when you combine things like a car service and MoT!

How to keep your running costs down

Modern cars are designed to have longer periods between services, but they still need looking after.

Oil, clutch and brake fluids all break down over time, and it’s common sense to have them replaced at regular intervals…..doing so should help prolong the life of your vehicle and its major working parts.

Also, by checking your fluid levels (oil, water, antifreeze, clutch and brake fluid) you’ll ensure your car has the correct levels. For example – in many modern cars, antifreeze is used both for coolant and anti-corrosion as well as preventing freezing – so it needs to be the correct type (pink or blue) for your vehicle and for the job it has to do. You can normally check things like this in your vehicle handbook.

And, if the thought of this is too much, you can always have a regular FREE vehicle health check which’ll do all of this and more……..for FREE.