Shock Absorbers

Your shock absorber is not something you normally ever see…. but nonetheless it is a vital component.

You’ll normally know if there’s a problem with your suspension because the handling will change…….you might notice bouncing at the front when you go over a large bump or a noticeable change in the handling when cornering.

How to self-check your shock absorbers.

This is really easy.

Go to each corner of the vehicle in turn and press down hard enough to move the body. Now release it. Your car should move back to its normal position without any on-going movement. If there is on-going up and down movement it’s likely that the shock absorber is defective and will need replacing.

Worn shock absorbers can also increase your stopping distance by around 10 feet, which is well worth avoiding!

Again, checking it is FREE.

Simply bring your car in and we’ll check your shock absorbers for movements and fluid leakage and take a look at the other suspension parts as well.