Wheel Alignment or Tracking – get it checked for FREE

Tracking is the way your vehicle is positioned on the road…..and unfortunately it’s easy to knock it out of alignment.

Simply hitting a pothole or kerbing the car can be enough to affect the way your vehicle moves and mean you’ll need new tyres more quickly than you planned.

Incorrect tracking (you’ll know about it because your car will normally pull to the left or right) can be really expensive because it wears the edges of your tyres out really quickly………so although the central tread area may be fine, the outer or inner edges may quickly end up be below legal limits.

For example, if your suspension is out of alignment on a 15″ wheel by as little as 4mm, your tyre will scrub sideways by 8.4 metres (28ft) for every mile you travel! It’s even more for 13 or 14″ wheels.

Getting your tracking checked is FREE..........

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